A Functional Mobile Charger
Make Your Favorite PC Keyboard
Available on Your Tablet!

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Sufficient Capacity 6000mAh
In One Small Body.

Although EneBRICK is small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand, it can supply 6000 mAh for all connected devices! It has 2 USB ports for providing power and a micro USB port for self-charging.

Not Only a Mobile Charger.

EneBRICK's USB Ports are not only for charging your mobile gear, but you can also connect your favorite PC keyboard to it! Once connected, the keyboard can be operated with your tablet via Bluetooth.

A little act of Kindness.

EneBRICK looks and behaves like a tablet stand instead of a typical power bank "brick" look.

Almost all tablet size can be use
with comfortable angle.

By using the included adjuster parts, thin tablet or smartphone
will also get comfortable stand angle. It doesn’t matter even if
you have iPad mini or thinner devices.